A’Law Carte

What Help Do you Need?

You know you need help with your family law case! Are you having difficulty completing the legal documents you need? Can’t afford to pay high retainer fees? Flash Legal Clinic is an affordable alternative for access to justice!

Flash Legal Clinic provides A’Law Carte family law legal services at your direction and at affordable rates. At Flash Legal Clinic you can select specific legal services where you know you need assistance and limit what work the attorney will provide on a limited-scope basis. That means only pay for the legal services you request.

Services Available to You

Limited Scope Services

At Flash Legal Clinic you can select Limited Scope representation (sometimes called “unbundling”) where a Licensed California Attorney can help you with part of your case where you know you need assistance, while you complete the other parts of the case yourself.

That means you only pay for the legal services you request.

With Limited Scope assistance, you may be able to handle the whole case yourself, except for a few technical areas that might be too difficult to complete without assistance from an attorney. For example:

  • You can consult with an attorney to prepare or review legal paperwork, but attend the court hearing yourself, and periodically consult with an attorney who can coach you on the specifics of the law, procedures, and strategy;

  • You can do the preparation of documents yourself and hire an attorney just to make the court appearance;

  • You may want to conduct your own investigation (“discovery”) and ask the attorney to assist you in organizing the information in a format which is useful to the court.