Tell your story to the court with a declaration specifically tailored for your case.

Flash Legal Clinic will prepare/supervise a declaration to support or respond to a formal child custody and visitation, request to the court in order to establish, modify, or make a response to obtain a specific and detailed court order for custody and/or visitation for your children.

Flash will complete your declaration to support or respond to establish, modify, or respond to a request for custody and/or visitation.

Flash Custody and/or Visitation Services include:

  • Preparation/supervision by licensed California attorney of a written Declaration specifically tailored to your case to support or respond to the California court
  • Supporting Declaration – A document prepared to effectively tell your side of the story to the Court
  • Working together with the client to gather all required information for California Custody and/or Visitation paperwork
  • Assist client to organize filing of your Custody and/or Visitation documents with court (**additional court filing fee required)
  • If necessary, FLASH can coordinate with third-party service providers for additional services you may need to complete your case

These services include employing a professional process server to complete service of process, and do due diligence to locate the whereabouts of the other parent. (**additional fees may be required for this service)

Flash Legal Clinic is available throughout the process to answer any questions you may have regarding your case.